The Lake Wobegon Schroeders were a baseball team founded in Lake Wobegon sometime prior to 1934. The team consisted of nine brothers and was founded by their father, Earl L. Schroeder, after he received a lifetime ban from the sport for hitting the same umpire twenty-eight times with foul balls when he was at bat. Each brother was also named Earl but with a different middle name, so that people "would know they were his" [their father].

In autumn 1934, they played a game against Babe Ruth, who had made a stopover at the town with the train carrying himself and his traveling All Star baseball team. Upon his arrival, Ruth was described as looking unwell and proceeded to vomit during the car ride to the baseball field. During the game, Ruth stayed in the dugout, but would stand up at the beginning of each inning, getting the hopes up of the Lake Wobegon fans that he might play that day.More info icon

Notes Edit

The baseball game would become the basis for the story The Babe, written by Garrison Keillor.